A woman hanging on by a thread.

Firstly, good day/evening to your majesty. I was curious about something. I've heard rumors that your mother and Mr. Gold had quite the history together, if you catch my drift. Has it ever occurred to you that he might be your biological father? Not that it would make any difference considering how he had used you in the past. Just curious, that's all. I do hope you are well and I mean that quite honestly.

No, and we put this to rest long ago because he isn’t my father.

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If you would permit me your majesty, I have an awkward request. I wish to give you - a hug. You may not realize it while in Storybrooke, The Enchanted Forrest, or Neverland, but there are people, myself included, who have found a deep connect with you. We share in your sadness of happy endings taken away, innocence lost, and anger in the devastation and lack of answers. You are not alone, your majesty. You are loved. If by no one else but me. Thank you. *bows*

If you find a way to get to Storybrooke then perhaps I’ll allow it.

But you have to get here first.

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Do you ever spend any time online, for recreational uses, during your free time?


Do you think I’m answering these questions during city council meetings?

This is my free time; I don’t know why I’m spending it answering questions like this.

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What if Henry get's his first girl crush?


I don’t know, what if?

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Your Majesty, I know that you don't see anyone with yourself, but you would look really great with anyone 😍 literally anyone


Wow, ‘literally anyone.’

That’s a little desperate sounding, don’t you think?

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Is Henry still your everything?


That’s never stopped being the case.

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was Snow a whimsical, troublemaker teenager?


She was a brat. Her words, not mine.

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Love the way you throw shade. You're so sassy and snarky. Does your sharp wit just come to you in the moment, or do you have quick remarks stored away somewhere in that beautiful head of yours?

I say whatever’s on my mind, which I’ll admit may not always be the most polite in the moment. I rarely care; people shouldn’t ask if they don’t want to know.

But for you this evening:

I appreciated this message.

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i was talking about robin leaving you and i wanted to say you don't deserve this. i wish i could slap some sense into his head. you're gorgeous, smart, brilliant, extraordinary but most of all, you're devoted to your family and he was an idiot for leaving and i just kinda wanna smack him in the face. and not gonna talk about emma and her bringing marian, jesus christ can that girl learn where her place is and stop ruining other people's lives? UGH


You need to rethink most everything about this message, and try not to send anything this ignorant again.

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Would you be surprised if Rumple ended up being the one that killed Zelena?


I would, seeing as how I watched my sister end her own life.

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