A woman hanging on by a thread.

I just wanted to say good morning and I hope you have I nice day! I'm hoping the anons won't be too rude to you today ^_^

Well, saying that is just about an invitation for it to happen.

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What did you do with Zelena's remains? And though you didn't know her all that well, I'm sorry for your loss.


Her actual things are in my vault. Well, things of importance.

Plenty enough is still in that farmhouse, and there haven’t been any discussions on what to do with it all.

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Good day Regina! You're so successful with Henry. He's your true love!! I wanted to adopt but I'm not sure if I can do it. How did you convince yourself that it's okay to get a baby?


It took some time, and it took even longer to convince myself I was actually a good mother. Eventually, knowing that I could love someone who never had been felt so familiar that I wanted him. I wanted to try.

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Have you ever heard of Arendelle?


It doesn’t sound familiar, no. I won’t say I’ve never heard it in passing, but I don’t remember.

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Regina, how do you know if people love and care about you?


I thought I knew. Perhaps I’m not the right person to ask.

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If you were still the reigning Queen, would you have Emma executed for her actions? For the sake of the question, let's say Emma is not Henry's biological mother.


I executed many people for many reasons. My past is not a secret - you know the answer to this question.

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It things had been different, had it been Robin you'd captured instead of Marian for helping Snow, what do you believe would have been the outcome?


I already know what you think would have happened, so I’ll let you all do what you want with this and leave it at that.

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Do you consider Tinkerbell as one of your closest friends?


I don’t know that I have ‘close’ friends. She’s an acquaintance, maybe. It’s up to her and if she’s truly forgiving.

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Do you see any similarities between Emma and Robin?


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Do you ever think you'll take up riding again? I know there are probably many not so happy memories associated with everything to do with it, but I'm sure there are also happy ones. Perhaps make some new happy ones with Henry?

I don’t think so. There are horses in Storybrooke but not enough open space for me to ride the way I want.

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